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at home, this is what president george w. bush's exit from the international stage looked like. >> so what if the guy threw a shoe at me? >> that happened during george w. bush's final trip to the two war zones he led america into as president. make no mistake, i certainly do not condone shoe throwing or any other kind of attempted assault or disrespect of a world leader for that matter. but the shoe throwing incident was sort of emblematic of bush era foreign policy. george w. bush did not play well with others on the international stage. and by the time he left office, his foreign policy agenda was deeply unpopular both overseas and at home. and that's where mitt romney's foray into foreign policy leadership comes in. with the modern disasters of his debut behind him, he granted an interview with an israeli newspaper ahead of his visit. the newspaper is part owned by billionaire donor sheldon adelson, so there's that. what is really important about the interview is that mitt romney, what mitt ram gnaw had to say about foreign policy. when asked about his response to the foreign response
forward including support for programs that were set up by president george w. bush. they have undermined the environmental protection agency, established by richard nixon, and its authority to hold polluters to account and they have threatened iconic places from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico, the appalachian mountains to the chesapeake bay turning away from the national wildlife preservation legacy this country has pursued for more than a century sins the presidency of theodore roosevelt. that is why we call this a political assault on the american environment. it is reckless, it is radical, it is relentless, it is wrong and it is time we stood up to turn this around. [applause] this assault is not about jobs as its proponents claim. it is about putting polluter profits first and putting the rest of us at risk. from the air we breathed the water we drink from the mountains to the sea. government regulations of all kinds account for far less than 1% of all major layoffs in the economy. we have economic data from the bureau of labor statistics that proves that. decades of data make
-one u. s. presidents combined from george washington to george w. bush, he has racked up more debt in 2-1/2 years as president barack obama racked up more deficits than george w. bush in all eight years combined and george w. bush was fighting two wars and barack obama had more deficits and two years than george bush did in eight years. he socialized health care which the congressional budget office says is going to sway 800,000 jobs but more importantly for young people for us it is going to raise our premiums because in obamacare it is tough to weigh a provision that says insurance companies can no longer very price according to one's age or health status. insurance companies look at us and see again healthy individual and say you got to pay the same rate as your parents and grandparents. a huge redistribution of wealth from young to old and the left celebrates it. youth unemployment at historic highs. you have almost double the national average with those 18 and older and you look at the key to unemployment. many of you are in this category if not all of you and in america right now
can't get below that. i think maybe george w. bush at one point came close. so how do we square the historians immediately in your great category where is the voters were essentially saying he's ineligible for rehire? well, history is looking at the overall record, which is highly accessible. i would say her road trip you look at first term because he made the agonizing decision to save nearly american lines. he presided over america's role in fostering the united nations. he was the president under containment which saved western europe from soviet aggression also miss him that was poised with 1.3 million troops. he frosted the market plan, brought about the national security act of 1947 and created the defense department and other things. he successfully made it transition from the wartime economy and he made the momentous decision to read about how we made the decision and all the adviser said you can't say. you'll have to get country and give up on berlin. absolutely heroic. all that i just described happen in the first term. the second term was really quite mediocre. he did
the first 216 years of the republic, george h.w. bush and obama added 5 trillion to the blink of an eye. so as i was developing the essential arguments for the boat, it occurred to me that he's not just redistributing wealth here at home, although he is absolutely doing that. and the way he has done it is by attacking the four core pillars of the u.s. economy. at the industrial, financial set her, and urges that are in the health care set very. those are the four pillars that uphold the entire u.s. economy and they're all interrelated to everything else. from day one he very methodically and very deliberately went about taking down those pillars because they were built on the free market principle of capitalism and remaking non-ascii massive redistributive schemes. he's been more successful in some areas than others. will see that the supreme court does on thursday with obamacare. i happen to think it's grossly unconstitutional. but he went about it in a systematic way. think about it this way. any other american president would be flipping his lid over eight, nine, 10% unemployment because
george w. bush forged a very close relationship with former british prime minister tony blair, with whom he was not an ideological soul mate. here was an opportunity for mitt romney and david cameron, peas in a pod politically, both conservatives to try and establish some kind of alliance that could take them both forward. and instead, mitt romney has found himself causing david cameron to come out and push back on this issue of the olympics, because as chris ship knows, better i think than any of us, david cameron's own credibility is at stake over the success or failure of these olympic games. >> well, let's look at romney trying to clean up the mess. but i do want to remind our viewers here in the states of what david cameron did to take a shot at him in the morning. let's take a look at this morning on the "today" show, our big morning show here. mitt romney tried to end the static he had stirred up with a "nightly news" interview he did with brian williams. he did it by complimenting now. he has switched in the past just about everything. here he is switching on the british olympics
? >> richard carmona, formerly george w. bush's surgeon general now running as a democrat for u.s. senate? arizona will be a featured speaker at the democratic convention, possibly a keynoter. >> and ted will be in the senate as one of the five most conservative as long with jeff blake of arizona, jim demint, mike lee and rand paul. >> paul? >> they are not all elected. >> etch will think the upcoming debates in october and the presidential candidates will be absolutely decisive because the race is so short or so tight, but it will have no effect on the outcome. >> u.s. economic stagnation even with new stimulus will continue through august, september, and october freezing the 44th u.s. president to one term. blessed ramadan! bye-bye. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who belie
, formerly george w. bush's surgeon general now running as a democrat for u.s. senate? arizona will be a featured speaker at the democratic convention, possibly a keynoter. >> and ted will be in the senate as one of the five most conservative as long with jeff blake of arizona, jim demint, mike lee and rand paul. >> paul? >> they are not all elected. >> etch will think the upcoming debates in october and the presidential candidates will be absolutely decisive because the race is so short or so tight, but it will have no effect on the outcome. >> u.s. economic stagnation even with new stimulus will continue through august, september, and october freezing september, and october freezing the 44th u.s. president to captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund
and 1972. [laughter] >> yes. okay. when you have the chance of winning if you're george w. bush , if you're bill clinton, if your mitt romney, the trick is you need 40 percent of the country to lead you to get through your primary. the right 40 or the left 40 or the 30%. the trick is when the primary without doing things that make it harder to get to 50. mitt romney was determined to do nothing to move farther than the right and necessary. unlike george w. bush in 2000 bill clinton in 1992 or governor carter in 1996, his challengers were on the right not in the center. bill clinton did not have to move to left to be people. george w. bush had challengers. john mccain on the left of him. steve forbes decided to be haven not be the right wing minutes he had been. so mitt romney, unlike many other kennett's was faced with far more virulent challenges sucking out delegates in the votes and pockets. none of them could never win. they all did things that probably -- i'm not sure, but i suspect there was some week planning that nobody expected. i'm certain nobody expected it would have to come
george w. bush was running for president he talked about a more humble foreign policy. obama promised to close down guantanamo. he extended many of president bush's policies. so it is hard to say at this stage of the game what mitt romney really means and what and how he might act as commander in chief. >> and in afghanistan and syria, dan, pretty general comments by governor romney, not real specific, particularly on syria which is the hottest issue now going. pretty much stayed a step back about saying what he would do. >> syria is a difficult issue. afghanistan the president said he is pulling troops down. it is difficult for romney to say i will push troops back up. >> particularly when the american public seems to be war weary and supports this withdrawal. >> i think matt made an important distinction that needs to be emphasized. this isn't just president obama this is modern democratic foreign policy doctrine calling it leading from behind. which means we only act until we get the support of allies report united nations and that is what we have done in iran and labia and that wa
on the programs many of them went to washington with george w. bush. one of them became the lead negotiator on the no child left behind bill. became the lobbiest for peerson the large testing corporation. about the charter school part of the whole deal. i talk to the people who negotiated the bill on the charter schools. nobody ever thought there was going to be a private sector involvement in the charleser -- charter school movement. everybody inhavingsed nonprofits would come in and take over a few schools and it would be a good way to innovate. nobody said internet schooling run bay private corporation who sets an anchor at some on secure school district in tennessee and announces it's a real public school. the amount of 0 private money -- that's going to the public school system is one the biggest consequences of no child left behind. it was something that the people at least in congress who put it together had no thought about. it was not in their picture at all. >> it all comes out of texas? >> yes, it all came out of texas. when you started the book how much time had you spent in tex
are occasionally necessary. >> eliot: kind of how george w. bush reacted to the meltdown in '08, a blank look as if i should i take note. >> an anomaly but not paying attention. >> eliot: matt taibbi, thank you as always for your time. steven colbert can make mitt romney's trip to israel as successful as his trip to england. view finder up next. rupert murdoch's phone-hacking scan l. admitted that that look, we were able to keep a lot of the folks because of the stimulus. >> bill: absolutely. again, do you great work, judd. thank you. all of your colleagues at think progress. we'll see you again next [ male announcer ] the inventors of twix had a falling out, so the production of twix was divided between two separate factories. left twix factory cascades caramel and chocolate onto cookie, while right twix factory flows caramel and chocolate onto cookie. today they share nothing but a wrapper and a driveway. try both and pick a side. i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can rede
reeling and we are today still reeling from devastation of eight years of george w. bush. we were on a brink of a depression and so he felt the timing wasn't right. by the way, whether the number is 250 or 500 or 750 or a million, the republicans are saying no tax increases for anybody. and so the process is in the negotiation process. we're saying 250. the republicans are saying 2 billion. so, you know, this process of saying that there would be no negotiation on any tax increase -- president obama said for every dollar of tax increase, he would grate to ten dollars of budget cuts, no deal. the republicans are sticking their heads in the sand hoping upon hope this line that congressman said that we're going to kill the job creators -- >> jamie: let me ask you this -- >> is holding them hostage. >> jamie: dick, let me ask think and bob, please respond. what is the resolution, then, if you don't -- as democrats continue to push for this, we've stated it in terms of tax cuts and tax benefits, what's the resolution that you could see that could actually pass and help the folks of ame
. previously he had a number of distinguished responsibilities in both the reagan, george h. w. bush, and george w. bush administrations, first as special assistant to the president and deputy to the chief of staff and in the white house, as assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs. his many diplomatic posts have included ambassador to the united nations if geneva, assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs, and, most recently, as president george w. bush's special envoy to the sudan. he is also a long time member, and i think now, vice chairman, of the board of directors of the international republican institute. so we are very glad to welcome both rich and michelle to this podium. brookings prides itself on being a nonpartisan think tank and it's in that context that we are hosting this event today. our moderator is guest scholar at brookings and former chief diplomatic correspondent for cbs and then nbc news, former anchor of the nbc "meet the press" program, and also, most recently, of -- >> legacy. >> "the legacy, marvin kalb, it's my ple
. in 1990, george h.w. bush created a similar office for hispanic students.[graphic "hised"] according to national statistics.. the drop out rate for hispanics was six percent -- 18 years after the first president bush created the office for hispanic education -- hispanics were doing only marginally better than their black peers when it came to staying in school. the obama administration did not respond to our questions. i'm jeff barnd reporting. for... all our vote 2012 coverage ... head... to... foxbaltimore dot com... click on... vote 2012.../. as... with... all our it's... totally free to fox45 viewers. a... parking ticket... on your windshield... can... put a damper ... on... your day. .../ most... of... us ... can't... do much ...about it. but when you're the mayor, you can take matters into your own hands. hands.after getting a 20- dollar parking ticket, the mayor of logansport, indiana, decided to create his own parking place!he annexed two parking spots for himself, which used to be reserved for police cars.the mayor believes the 20-dollar
.i.v.- aids. as the chair of the women's initiative at the george w. bush institute, she continues her work on global health care innovations, empowering women in emerging democracies, education reform, is supporting the women and men who have served in america's military. in september 2011, the bush institute, the u.s. government, u.n. aid, and susan g. komen announced the partnership to leverage pepfar's platform and resources to combat cervical cancer in developing nations. my organization have the honor of having mrs. bush as the keynote speaker at our annual conference a few years ago. she was introduced by her twin daughters, also great women leaders, who gave one of the most touching internet -- introductions i have never heard. they painted a full picture of their mother and reminded us all of the roles women balance every day in ways that are remarkable. as they did, i want to present to you a woman leader of great depth and accomplishment, but a woman who is also a wife, mother, and friend to all of us in this room who fight for equality and dignity for women all over the world. m
of the house. he served on the defense policy board under president george w. bush. in 1999, gingrich was appointed to the united states commission to examine national security challenges. he is also committed to developing free-market health care reforms centered on the individual. in 2003, he founded the center for health transformation. he and his wife host and produce award winning documentary films together and author the author of books. his daughter has spoken at the luce policy institute and has written policy breaks for us. he has written 23 books, including 13 "the new york times" best sellers. during his leadership he used his incredible background to be one of the strongest, most compelling and innovative conservative leaders on the stage. join me in welcoming this extraordinary conservative leader, newt gingrich. [applause] >> thank you all. some housekeeping. i will give you a very brief talk so we can spend most of the time questions you want and at the very end we will take two or three minutes to take pictures. i noticed several of you kept jumping up and taking pictu
of a democratic leanings, an unemployed steelworker appeared when i asked him, he said i am voting for george w. bush. he said i trust him. a month later when americans cast their vote, i realize what had happened. people were voting based on that. even though it might not have seem obvious to us, and they were thinking about this in a more fundamental way. when you go and you talk to voters, they want to know that you are going to speak to and for them. we occasionally do a thing where we go around the country and do towns and we sit people down and asked them to talk to each other. we live in a world of silo politics where people watch one network or another. we get them all in one room. we were in the middle of a health-care debate. there were people arguing with each other about their understanding of the health care bill. it turned out that the fight they were having where emblematic of what was going on around the country. we can still see those divisions are alive. we have discovered that character matters. we can spend a lot of time talking to candidates if you were a tree what would yo
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)